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The Georgia Gang Dominated In NASCAR’s First Year

Fonty Flock led most of the Feb. 15, 1948 event at Daytona Beach, but crashed hard after a spindle broke on his Ford. Red Byron picked up the win in the first NASCAR sanctioned event.

By Brandon Reed
Posted in Feature Stories 6/24/11

The question has come up many times over the years as to just how important the Georgia Gang was to the beginning of NASCAR.

If you look beyond the initial early years of modified stock car racing, which would eventually evolve into modern day NASCAR, you need look no further than the results from that first official season of racing in 1948.

Post Race Fines Were Much Harsher In Tim Flock’s Day

Brandon Reed

Brandon Reed

By Brandon Reed
Posted in Columns 6/17/11

Following Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup event at Pocono, Pennsylvania, the #18 M&M’s Toyota of Kyle Busch failed to pass post-race tech.  According to reports, the Joe Gibbs owned Toyota was 1/16th of an inch outside the tolerances allowed by NASCAR.

The result was a $25,000 fine, the loss of six championship owner’s points and six championship driver’s points.

The debate over such fines and penalties has gone on for years.  But today’s drivers should count themselves very, very lucky.  Back in the “pioneer days”, drivers weren’t just slapped with fines.  They were completely disqualified, or in some cases stripped completely of championship titles.

Sometimes A Race Would Break Out At A Good Fight

Brandon Reed

Brandon Reed

By Brandon Reed
Posted in Columns 6/10/11

There can be no doubt as to the biggest topic of discussion coming out of last weekend’s NASCAR events at Kansas City.  It wasn’t the winner, or the fact that there was a fuel mileage finish for the second straight event, and third in the last four, counting Saturday’s Nationwide series event at Chicago.

It wasn’t the second straight near miss by Dale Earnhardt, Jr.  It wasn’t the second career win of second generation racer Brad Keselowski.

GRHOF Grand Reopening A Big Success

Friends and fans of racing turned out in large numbers Saturday for the Grand Reopening of the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame in Dawsonville, Georgia. Photos by Justin Poole

By Brandon Reed
Posted in Feature Stories 6/3/11

With sunny skies overhead, several hundred race fans traveled to Dawsonville, Georgia Saturday to celebrate the grand reopening of the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame.

Race fans were treated to two new displays honoring two potential future hall of famers, Dawsonville’s Chase Elliott and Spencer Davis, as well as an opportunity to meet several Hall of Fame members during an autograph session, which featured Hall of Famers Bruce Brantley, Jack Jackson, Hoyt Grimes, Charlie Mincey and Hubert Platt, along with veteran racers Jabez Jones, Donald Tyson and Bobby Whitmire.

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