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Short Cuts With Billy Carden

Georgia's Billy Carden was a stock car racing pioneer and an early NASCAR competitor.

By Eddie Samples
Posted in Feature Stories 1/29/10

When we first approached him for an interview, Georgia stock car legend Billy Carden initially declined, saying we should be talking to some of the drivers from either South or Middle Georgia.

“Those boys are not getting the recognition they should,” stated Carden, a native of Mableton, Georgia.

Daytona Trip Holds Special Memories

Brandon Reed

Brandon Reed

By Brandon Reed
Posted in Columns 1/22/10

There are people who move into and around your life that always have a significant impact on you.

Kenny Turk is one of those people for me.  A life long race fan, Kenny was an influence on my life for the better part of 20 years.

A native of Oakwood, Georgia, Kenny attended his first race at the old Jefco Speedway (now Gresham Motorsports Park) in 1968 when the Grand National series (now Sprint Cup) made their first stop there.  Cale Yarborough won that race.  He was there again one year later when the late Bobby Isaac took the win.

NASCAR’s Cool Cars Of Yesterday

Brandon Reed

Brandon Reed

By Brandon Reed
Posted in Columns 1/15/10

The NASCAR nation has been all abuzz this week with word that the accursed “Car of Today” may soon begin to resemble the cars of yesteryear.

NASCAR is reportedly flirting with the notion of losing the IMSA style rear wing from the back of the car, replacing it with a more traditional looking spoiler.  Word has been that they may also do away with the front splitter in favor of a more traditional air dam, giving the car an older style look that hopefully will be more pleasing to the fans.

Pete Craig – Early Georgia Racer

Pete Craig was one of the first auto racing stars out of Georgia.

By Mike Bell
Posted in Feature Stories 1/8/10

Atlanta had three national stock car champions in the late 1940s, and these were considered to be the grassroots pioneers around the south.

When Red Byron won the first NASCAR Strictly Stock (now Nextel Cup) title in 1949, Georgia’s Pete Craig had been retired for over a decade.  Craig started racing Indy-type cars in 1922.

The aforementioned “pioneers” were just kids when, in 1930, Craig, a native of Gainesville, Georgia, held the 100-mile racing record at Daytona when they were barrel tracking at the Beach.

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