Hollywood Speedway

Hollywood Speedway

Advertisement for the opening event at the Hollywood Speedway from the May 13, 1956 edition of the Anderson Independent Newspaper. Clipping courtesy Mike Bell.


If there was ever a Georgia racetrack that was an enigma, it’s the Hollywood Speedway.

Opened in 1956 by Mr. Tom Fountain, the track was located in the little unincorporated village of Hollywood, Georgia, just south of Toccoa across the Habersham County line.

The track lasted only two events before protests from a nearby church led Mr. Fountain to close the track up, and build chicken houses on the front and backstretch.

Georgia Hall of Fame member Roz Howard has the distinction of being the only driver to ever win at Hollywood, picking up feature wins on both weekends the track operated.

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Today, a residence has been built in the infield. From the road, you could never tell it had once been a speedway. But from inside the property, you can spot both sets of turns, as well as portions of both straightaways.

Look closely. Turns one and two were on the right side of the picture, with turns three and four on the left. You can still pick out the front and backstretch as well.


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