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Remembering Katron Sosebee

Katron "Cannonball" Sosebee

Katron "Cannonball" Sosebee

By Brandon Reed
Posted in Feature Stories 11/26/10

On Thursday, Nov. 25, the Georgia racing scene lost one of it’s great hall of fame drivers.

Word came down  early Friday morning that 2009 Georgia Racing Hall of Fame inductee Katron Sosebee passed away suddenly while at his daughter’s home in North Carolina.

He was 81 years of age.

Sosebee, of Lilburn, Georgia, had been fighting health problems off and on for the past year since his induction, but had rallied back several times.

Time To Put Up Or Shut Up

Brandon Reed

Brandon Reed

By Brandon Reed
Posted in Columns 11/19/10

Several years ago, my dear friend and mentor Rob Wainberg taught me a phrase in Yiddish that I have used many times since. It’s become one of my favorites, and it sums up some situations nicely.

The phrase, as best I can spell it in English, sounds like “Tokhis oyfin tish.”

Roughly translated, it means, “Put up or shut up.”

Felton Remains Iron Man of the American Road

Gene Felton's career shows he is one of the most versatile racers to come out of Georgia.

By Jonathan Ingram-Guest Contributor
Posted in Feature Stories 11/12/10

Sometimes the kid who can only dream of being a racer becomes a racer. And the rest is history.

For Gene Felton, who was one of the special guests to help Road Atlanta celebrate its 40th anniversary last month, it all started as a boy. He would sneak into the Lakewood Speedway to see the stars of NASCAR wheel-twisting their American iron at breakneck speeds on the mile oval that circled Atlanta’s old reservoir. “I used to walk in through a storm sewer pipe that was near the entrance on Pryor Road,” said Felton of his visits to the dirt track in the 1950’s to watch the likes of Junior Johnson, Lee Petty and Curtis Turner.

Frank “Rebel” Mundy – Interview With A Legend

Frank "Rebel" Mundy was a driver to be reckoned with in the 1950s.

By Preston Stevens-Guest Contributor
Posted in Feature Stories 11/5/10

Born in Atlanta, Georgia as Francisco Eduardo Menendez, Frank “Rebel” Mundy is a legend in the ranks of Georgia’s racing history.

His Spanish father worked in Atlanta, but died when Frank was quite young.  He was sent to an orphanage and it was there that he learned the strong work ethic and fearlessness, which served him well his entire life.

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