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Ronnie Lieupo – South Georgia Racer And Jokester

Ronnie Lieupo sits in his father’s 1935 Chevrolet powered by Ford at the Thunderbowl Speedway.

By Mike Bell
Posted in Feature Stories 3/16/12

Whenever you ask someone about Ronnie Lieupo, they immediately start smiling and remember a joke he told them or pulled on some unsuspecting racer. But don’t think Ronnie isn’t a serious racer. Once he got to drive he would be up front with any of the great drivers in South Georgia or North Florida. We say “once” because Ronnie has been around racing since he was born.

Ronnie remembered when he got directly involved in racing.

Charlie Burkhalter – A Family Man

Charlie Burkhalter poses with his restored skeeter at the 2010 Athens Speedway reunion. Photo by Brandon Reed

By Mike Bell
Posted in Feature Stories 3/10/12

A couple of weeks before Christmas in 2009, they had a wedding anniversary in Shake Rag, GA. Of course, I got lost and was late. It was almost dark when we arrived. Our host, Charlie Burkhalter, Jr., directed us to a parking space and said he was going to get the trailer. I knew what he was talking about. Everybody there knew what he was talking about but his father, former famed Athens racing driver Charlie Burkhalter, Sr. You see that was the surprise!

Drivers From Dawsonville Have Dominated Daytona

Gober Sosebee races his Ford down the beach. Sosebee, was one of five drivers from Dawsonville, Georgia, to score a win at Daytona.

By Brandon Reed
Posted in Feature Stories 2/24/12

Some say it may be something in the water.  Other say it has something to do with what they make out of the water.

Regardless, the little town of Dawsonville, Georgia, nestled in the mountains of North Georgia, holds a distinction that few other single towns can claim.

It is the hometown of no less than five Daytona winners, between the beach years and the years at Daytona International Speedway.

Long Lost NASCAR Tucker Lost No Longer

A look at the famed NASCAR Tucker as it sits out front of Joe Nagel Jr. Motor Sales in Pittsburgh, PA. The car was piloted at Canfield Motor Speedway in Canfield, Ohio by Joe Merola. Photo courtesy Tom Merola

By Brandon Reed
Posted in Feature Stories 2/10/12

Just over two years ago, we posted a story at Georgia Racing about various interesting and odd cars that have competed in NASCAR over the years.

Far and away the portion of the story that got the most attention was the section on the only 1948 Tucker Torpedo to compete in NASCAR.  The rare vehicle made its appearance in a 200-lap event on May 30, 1950.

Racers, Friends Gather To Remember The Peach Bowl

Friends, fans and racing aficionados gathered in Austell, Georgia for the 23rd annual Peach Bowl Speedway reunion. Photos by Mike Terrell

By Brandon Reed
Posted in Feature Stories 2/3/12

For the 23rd straight year, former drivers, officials, fans and racing aficionados gathered together to remember and reminisce about one of the most important and historic tracks in Georgia racing history.

The annual Peach Bowl Reunion was held on Sunday, Jan. 29 at the American Legion Post 216 in Austell Georgia, some 41 years after the final race at the legendary quarter-mile track was run.

Platt, Dixie Twister Receive Hero Recognition At GRHOF

Huston Platt's famed Dixie Twister funny car sits in a place of honor in the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame in Dawsonville, Georgia. Photo courtesy GRHOF

By Angela Williamson
Posted in Feature Stories 1/27/12

The Georgia Racing Hall of Fame in Dawsonville, Georgia has seen its share of “hero” cars. And the newest addition to the list is currently on exhibit at the GRHOF.

The “Dixie Twister”, and its driver, Huston Platt, went through many years of pain and suffering before it was finally realized that they too, deserve a spot in the hero arena.

Georgia’s Flock Brothers Made Their Mark On Daytona

The Flock Brothers, Bob (left), Tim (center) and Fonty (right) were terrors and winners on the sandy beach and road course at Daytona. Photo courtesy Frances Flock

By Brandon Reed
Posted in Feature Stories 1/20/12

As we close in on the annual running of the Daytona 500, thoughts go back to at time prior to the building of the great speedway, when drivers did battle on the hard packed sands of Daytona Beach to prove who was the best.

Many drivers from Georgia made the trek south each winter to compete on the beach, but few saw the success as the three fabulous Flock brothers, Bob, Fonty and Tim.

The Legacy of ‘Lightning’ Lloyd Seay

Lloyd Seay is considered by many to be the greatest natural talent in a stock car. Photo courtesy GRHOF

By Cody Dinsmore-Guest Contributor
Posted in Columns 1/13/11

The short but daring career of Lloyd Seay began somewhere around the summer of 1934 in the hills of Dawsonville, GA.

When he was as young as 13 years old, he was driving some sort of jalopy to haul a small load of Dawsonville’s finest moonshine out of the woods and down to Atlanta.

He most likely at the time worked for the legendary Raymond Parks, his older and successful cousin.

Pollard’s Season Chosen As Most Historic Story Of 2011

A familiar sight for Senoia, Georgia's Bubba Pollard, as he scored 19 victories in 2011. Photo by Justin Poole

By Brandon Reed
Posted in Feature Stories 1/6/12

According to a group of motorsports journalists and racing aficionados recently polled, Bubba Pollard’s stellar Late Model season has been chosen as the top historic event in Georgia Racing History for 2011.

The Senoia, Georgia speedster went on an absolute rampage in 2011, scoring 19 victories in 43 starts, along with two series titles, the Gulf Coast Championship and the 2011 Viper Series Championship.  In doing so, he pushed his all time Late Model win total to 55.

Catchin’ Up With Charlie Barrett

Georgia's Charles Barrett piloted this #09 Torino for George Elliott in 1973. Photo courtesy the Barrett Family

By Mike Bell
Posted in Feature Stories 12/23/11

When Chris Rutledge and I went up to Cleveland, Georgia to interview Charlie Barrett, we felt it best to talk to him at his used car lot. That is where he always is and I knew he would feel comfortable there. The used car business has been his life since 1965.

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